A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Inverse is a randomly-generated puzzle game for all types of players. With three distinct game modes, Inverse is easy to pick up while still offering a challenge for the experienced player. 

How to Play
• Click the shapes (black and white) to switch the colours of the squares.
• The puzzle is completed when all squares are the same colour.
• Time is rewarded when a puzzle is completed. More time is rewarded for harder puzzles.

Game Modes
-----Play Mode-----
• Standard mode for the casual player
-----Hardcore Mode-----
• Challenging mode for the experienced player
• Jump straight to the hardest puzzles
• Try to beat my highscore of 6. Good luck :D
-----Pause Mode (MOBILE ONLY)-----
• Mind-bending mode for the genius player
• The timer starts when a shape is pressed
• Only 10 seconds per puzzle
• Try to find the solution without pressing a thing

• Don't commit to a colour. If you're struggling, try the other colour.
• Look out for squares that can't be changed. These will tell you the colour every square needs to be.

Here's the Google Play link:



Inverse.zip 2 MB
Inverse (Android) 14 MB

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