A downloadable game for Windows

A cooperative shooter with lots of lasers!

Blue lasers defeat blue enemies. Red lasers defeat red enemies. Cross your streams to defeat purple enemies. Use your lasers to revive each other. The shield on your back can defend you from dangerous lasers. However, firing your laser will sacrifice your shield's size!

Best experienced with a friend!

Supports two controllers. Player 1 can use either a CONTROLLER or WASD with MOUSE. Player 2 can use either a CONTROLLER or ARROW KEYS and MOUSE.

Left Click (Player 1) / Right Click (Player 2) / Right Trigger (Player 1 or 2) - Fire Laser

WASD (Player 1) / ARROW KEYS (Player 2) / LEFT STICK (Player 1 or 2)  - Move

Made for Ludum Dare 43.


Purple Space.zip 16 MB
Sacrifice Game.yyp 23 kB

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